What is DCS

Double Cut saw is an innovative cutting tool to cut through almost anything.
With the latest counter rotating dual blade technology, similar to the dual saw as seen on TV, this extraordinary multi-purpose saw ensures safe and precision cutting capabilities through practically any material. The creation of the Double Cut Saw has eliminated the necessity for spending too much dollars on a variety of cutting tools because it may get all the work done easily on its own advantages.

Why Choose DCS

So give me one reason to choose Double Cut Saw, actually I'll give you three high efficiency
1. Cut through Almost Anything!
From copper to diamond plate, wood, plastic including PVC as well as glass, Double Cut Saw provides you with craftsmen's accuracy and without any kick, burning or vibration. The innovative counter rotating blade technology makes it extraordinary and different in comparison with other saws. It's a saw having two sharp blades rotating at the same time in opposing directions for faster and easier cutting: forward and backward, top and bottom!
2. No Damage NO Breakage No Cracking
Teeth of the Double Cut saw's blades are made of Tungsten Carbide, and the blades are specially designed to simultaneously rotate in the opposite directions with a very high speed of 6000 RPM. By using Double Cut Saw saw, you'll find the material left as pretty smooth after being cut, not like other saws which may result in damage, breakage or cracking.

3. Save Your $$$
Tell you what, the Double Cut Saw may save you hundreds of dollars as it functions as a jigsaw, sawzall, circular saw, grinder and even a wet saw. Save yourself the hassle and the time of needing multiple tools for your projects and get the job done much easier with just one.

More Features

Wait!!! There are more reasons you have to choose DCS.
Its compact structure and lightweight make it very easy to handle for everyone.
The change of blades is no longer a hard task.
It is safe to carry as you get Sturdy protective carrying case with it.
No requirement of any assembling.
Blades are easy to change and easy to adjust upper guard.
Lubrication sticks keeps the blade sharp while cutting soft materials.
It can cut through virtually any material like copper, aluminum, bronze, iron, industrial grade rebar, corrugated steel and soft wood and plastics like PVC, Formica (using the lubrication sticks) without burning or melting it.


Use our Double-Cut Saw you can achieve:
High Precision Cutting-Less Breaking
Reduces Sparks and Overheating (No burn or melt for cutting any type of plastic)
Less Kickback for Better Accuracy
Ideal-Performance With Minimum Vibrations

Comparison with Dual Saw

So isn't it the widely-known dual saw as seen on TV? Let's see the differences
The first, of course, cost.
The dual saw as seen on TV is triple the cost of a 7 1/4" circular saw, with blades that are 4-6 times the cost of standard circular saw blades. Why so expensive? Maybe you don't know that 1/4 or more of the cost is paid for the advertisement. But Double Cut Saw doesn't require such an extra expense.
The dual saw as seen on TV seems wonderful on television, but just read the reviews of people who bought and against it. Most of them said it seemed like a competent tool seems to work great, but did not last that long. Double Cut Saw saw will convince you with a longer durability.
Always, the infomercial is highly misleading. It's advertised that the dual saw as seen on TV can do "anything" that a circ saw cannot do. In fact, a lot less, and with a lot less accuracy. But Double Cut Saw is realistically reliable, there is no infomercial hustle, we believe that public praise is the best advertisement.

Double Cut Saw comes with

Double Cut saw
No-load speed - 5500 RPM
Motor - 7.0Amp
Diameter of blades - 5"
Maximum cut depth - 1-3/16"
Voltage - 110V, 1 phase, 60 HZ
Tungsten Carbide-tipped blades
Specially designed for the Double-Cut Saw- the universal purpose tungsten carbide tipped blades will allow you to cut through any material with remarkable clean and smooth results
Lubrication sticks for soft metal cutting
Protecting the blades and saw with the lubrication system when cutting soft metals like stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc. The lubrication sticks can help you avoid warping or melting the material for that perfect finished cut.
And also comes with
Sturdy protective carrying case
Key Tool for changing the dual blades
Instruction Manual in English, Spanish and French
One Year's Warranty

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Name:Mr. Innaiah Pothacamury, Lawrenceville GA 30043, US
  Double Cut Saw saw's two blades are safer than a single direction blade. The counter rotating saw provides the power to accomplish the toughest jobs. What's more, it cost me much less than buying the dual saw as seen on TV.
Name:Mr. Adams King, Los Angeles, CA 90002, US
  What a fantastic saw I've ever seen! Double Cut Saw saw can cut through old lumber, nails and steel pipes so easily. Go from a rough cut to a fine finish cut without changing blades. Cool saw!
Name:Ms. Raquel Alvarez Cerqueira, 30530 cieza, murcia, Spain
  I've had lots of experiences buying different saws for different uses, but I have to say the experience with the Double Cut Saw saw is the most satisfying so far, it's an essential compliment to any household. The lack of heat and kickback created makes it nearly effortless for anyone to operate.

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Our 5 Professional Double-Cut Saw is similar to the dual saw as seen on TV which allows users to cut through virtually any material with the technology of rotating two blades that simultaneously in opposite directions. Equipped with sharp quality tungsten carbide-tipped blades, cut hard and soft metals, hard wood, PVC, Formica, iron, plastics, aluminum, wood, copper, stainless steel and MUCH MORE!
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